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out to a new republican party. >> it was amazing. there was even a republican who voted for obama who stood up proudly and said that. >> that doesn't happen so much. used to say how many republicans, how many democrats. like in 2009, shield say and how many republicans who voted for obama. and there would be like ten people applauding, be really proud of themselves for being transformative and having the courage to cross party lines and make a difference. that doesn't happen so much anymore. there was one last night, though. >> that's my neighborhood and one your year when my kids were young, saddam hussein and georg bush. saddam got more candy. >> honestly, i don't know how you do this. the night continued over at the may flower with politico, one of their cocktails. and i cannot believe they were in the balconies and you had a great audience. >> do you know what they were asking, where is sam stein not here. >> it will never end. >> but there were a lot of good questions. and the most interesting thing, and i think the rope these crowds are so big is that the timing for the book is
. >> sad, right? >> scrooge is what it is. >> let's keep going. i don't want to do the obama care story. >> we missed you yesterday. it was incredible watching you there. somebody said something about grown men. i said the morning after your team wins, there are no grown men. >> the night your team wins there are no grown men. >> one was, in some ways as fun or more fun than seeing the green monster and into the up field. >> we were throwing balls off the green monster and to the base. >> like children. >> a lot of fun going inside the green monster. speaking of trick or treating, we lived on the upper west side for awhile. then we moved to places undisclosed, then we were chased back into the city because of the hurricane last year and snowstorm the year before. we always did 69th street on upper west side. have you done that before? >> i haven't. >> that is the coolest street. >> there's a couple blocks like that in manhattan. low 70s in lexington where they do it. everybody on the street gets together and they turn the block into an amazing halloween fantasy. >> that's what this is.
a strong signal about obama care while mcauliffebridge is the bridge to divide. >> despite being out precedented $15 million, this race came down to the wire because of obama care. that message will go out across america tonight. >> the truth is that this election was never a choice between democrats and republicans. it was a choice about whether virginia would continue the main stream bipartisan tradition that has served is so well over the last decade at a time when washington was often broken, just think about what virginia has been able to accomplish when we work together. >> the polls show kind of a wide gap and that terry would win. you put it close. >> 7, 8, 9 poevenlts anybody that spent time in virginia, terry mcauliffe. i like him. he's not a virginia guy. he's not a virginia governor. i lived in northern virginia, i lived in washington during the last campaign. you walk through. i told him this you hear that voice, that's syracuse, new york voice. that's not the voice of a virginia. >> although, he covered tidewater by a lot of votes. >> i will say this, though the fact, c
for fixes to be implemented for, president obama went on offense yesterday against his critics. >> the product is good. people want it and we should not live in a country where people are going bankrupt just because they get sick and anybody who is gentleman to keep on pushing against that, they will meet my resistance because i'm willing to fix any problems there are, but i'm not going to abandon people to make sure they have health insurance in this country. >> that is not something we will do. >> i like that. i agree. meanwhile, new polling shows support for professional republicans surging over if botched rollout of obama care. according to a cnn research poll, americans now give republican law makers a slight edge over their democrat colleagues at next year's mid-term elections were held today. that's a 10-point swing from october when democrats were up 50 to 41% and mark halperin, of course, polling is terrible, especially in light of the botched rollout. but more and more you are going to hear about people who can get health care who couldn't and the option other
country and the democratic party. >> absolutely. >> yeah! >> we don't want obama care. >> nope. >> we don't want more big government. >> no! >> i'm scared to death of what obama care is doing to virgin n virginians. terry mcauliffe is scared of what it's doing to him. [ cheers ] >> vice president joe biden hit the trail saying the election is a chance to push back against extreme ideology. >> i think the motto of the tea party should be back to the future. [ laughter ] >> no, really. think about it. these guys are the antithesis of change and progress. everything they talk about without exaggeration is about turning back what the rest of the country and the world thinks is progress. it's hard to fathom this day being led by a man who rejects all that the new thinking stands for. >> some are pointing out that the vice president didn't mention president obama nor the affordable care act during his entire speech. >> smart move. >> the president campaigned for mcauliffe a day earlier. julie pace, weigh in on the race. >> speaking of biden i don't think you want to talk about obama care when
.p. scandal. the petraeus scandal. that time jay-z and beyonce went to cube baa. and obama care problems. obama does not cover paxil. we promised it would be, but it does not. for that we apologize. >> good morning. it's monday, november 18th. we have mark barnicle. robert gibbs. and in washington -- seriously? did you really do that? and did you brush your hair? all right. white house correspondent with the associated press, julie pace. it's like spanky from the little rascals. good to have you all on board. i'm glad you're here. really helps out. we're going to start in the midwest. emergency crews are doing all they can to help this morning after a series of deadly storms swept through a huge portion of the midwest. at this hour the death toll stands at six. dozens more injured. they think the death toll may rise. no town was hit harder than washington, illinois, where the path of destruction was devastating. >> our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass
to joe and everybody else. >>> we have new polling shoeing the flawed obama care website can't get fixed fast enough for the president. it really can't. according to new cbs news polls, 61% have a negligence via view of obama care. president obama has 32% of americans approving of the way he's handling health care. that's his lowest rate judging. the poll finds 31% believe problems with the website are an isolated issue however 63% think signs of more widespread problems to come. overall just 15% of voters think obama care will help them. 39% say it will do more harm than good. mark halperin, i don't want -- i know what will happen if i am too forceful with this argument but this is in the middle of all the glitches. >> i will tell you without being i hhype hyperbollic big supporters of the law are concerned if poll numbers turn quickly it may be difficult for the president to talk about the positive aspects of the law. it's a crisis that needs to be addressed on substance and on politics and you can see in the white house they are trying to balance being optimistic with recognizing ther
for the affordable care act with trouble on its first day but obama care is only doing slightly better than guitar lessons by mike. according to a new poll president obama's approval rating reached a new low of 42%. it's gotten so bad that even bo is trying to distance himself. >> good morning. there's another side to this. good morning. it's monday, november 4th. beautiful shot of new york city. makes me sad how dark it is. did you all change your locks? >> it's a little lighter outside. it did, of course, get dark at 2:15. >> with us on set we have msnbc contributor mike barnacle. how are you doing? you look good. you look very handsome. the former democratic congressman harold ford jr. >> he's done a makeover. >> also to our left, mike barnacle, we have patches. >> hi, patch. >> this is day two of a 30 day journey we're all going to be on together. growing in the beard for the month of november. >> why are you doing that? >> for women's health. there's a group of people. i've never gone more than a week. >> there's a spot right there that's not going to grow. >> imagine thanksgiving what it wil
about the fight over obama care. in the "wall street journal," obama retreats. and in "usa today," health law shakes the presidency. with democrats threatening to vote the white house rolled out a plan yesterday that allows millions of people to keep their insurance plans that would otherwise have been cancelled under the new terms of the affordable care act. it's meant to head off a vote in the house today on republican legislation that permits insurance companies to offer their old pre-obama care policies something the white house says will quote sabotage the law. president obama spoke about his policy reversal yesterday and how the roll out has hurt democrats, including his own presidency. >> there's no doubt that our failure to roll out the aca smoothly has put a burden on democrats. i feel deeply responsible for making it harder for them rather than easier for them to continue to promote the core values that i think led them to support this thing in the first place. i think it is not possible for me to guarantee that 100% of the people, 100% of the time going on this website
years of the obama presidency the senate held votes to end filibuster 79 times. that's already more than double the amount during president bush's eight years in office. the senate can now end the debate on executive and judicial nominees. there have been many blocks with a simple majority. however the new route does not apply to supreme court nominations or legislative bills. so it's fairly focused. while the move helps the democrats right now, that may come back to haunt them because they won't always be the case. yesterday majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell debated the merits of the vote. >> for the good of the united states of america. it's time to change. it's time to change the senate before this institution becomes obsolete. you don't have to like the laws of the land. but you do have to respect those laws. and acknowledge them and abide by them. is the senate working now? can anyone say the senate is working now? i don't think so. >> i realize this sort of wishful thinking may appeal to the newcomers in the democratic congress who served zero days in t
americans feel about president obama one year after re-election. the pew research center finds a majority now disapproves of the way the president is doing his job. just 41% view the president favorably. that's down 14 points from last december. that's similar to his predecessor, george w. bush, the same time during his presidency. presidents reagan and clinton both saw their approval ratings significantly higher during the first year of their second term. the survey also found a majority of americans disagree with the way president obama is handling a number of issues. 65% disprove on the economy. 60% on immigration. 59% on health care. and 56% on foreign policy. >> look at these numbers, keep them up on the screen right now, obviously those are numbers nobody would have expected a year ago. there are problems with the health care rollout. we understand that. but why do you have such upsidedown numbers on the economy? >> you know, looking at these numbers for the first time this morning it's a little bit baffling to me. you would have expected i would have thought for the health care num
's the truth. you know what hit me yesterday is that there is a similarity between barak obama's health care, which is obviously his defining moment in his presidency and george bush's war in iraq. the american people feel deceived. a failure. >> forget motionvation. >> i really want to, come on, they both will. >> former president bill clinton is wadeing into the health care debate saying president obama should stick by his now infamous pledge that if you like your plan, you can keep it. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people. >> white house secretary jay carney was asked if the president agrees with clinton's remarks right up there. >> i think as you saw the president say in an interview with nbc last week the answer is yes, the president has asked his team looking at a range of option to make sure nobody is in a position where their plans have been cancelled and they can't afford a better plan even though they would like a better plan . president clinton understood that governing in
's not gracious. >> no. >> if you win by like 800 points in a state that barack obama won by 800 points, you take a look at that, don't you, nicole? >> absolutely. >> you congratulate him and say wow he's a contender. >> you all said that chris christie wasn't wallowing in it. marco rubio, you would say to him be gracious. it's the day after. >> you would at least be as gracious as the democrats. i don't know when as a party we'll wake up and realize that as long as the targets of our ire remain each other. >> seriously, if you think that he's a contender the best thing you ought to do is support him. because if you say things like this it shows you're really threatened. >> so, what there's more. it wasn't just marco >> no. senator ted cruz. them. i think it's terrific that the ones ruining the republican party -- i think it's terrific he's brass, that he is outspoken, and that he won his race. but i think we need more leaders in washington with the courage to stand for principle and in particular obama care is not working. wait. >> what happened? >> he doesn't stand on principle. he basically ha
it was interesting timing. all of a sudden the discussion left obama care. >> there's this culture of extensions that he's now defining him. you extend the deadlines on obama care, the iran deal is a six month extension. the budget deal is all about kicking the can down the road. we're pushing everything further down the road. nothing is getting done. >> while you push the can down the road i want to ask sam about this. sequestration really cut into a lot of things over the past month. it's going to be even more cutting as we proceed without any budget deal. so, sam, right now, you got 535 members of congress, house and senate, they are home. they are talking to people who, many of whom have been damaged by sequestration. we don't fwakt a lot and it's hard to visualize on tv that relies on pictures but badly damaged a lot of people. what are the prospects for this kicking in and even cutting further and more deeply into people's lives? >> problems aspects are pretty strong. i talked to a medical researcher about this for one of my pieces and he called sequestration a cancerous tumor. it gets wor
changing it. >> they want president obama to admit to military mistakes only then would hamid karzai drop his staunch to raids on afghan vigils an homes. sam stein, if the afghan government would collapse, bake amy, there is no leaving. 2024 isn't even realistic. >> yeah, this is a real bind, obviously, for the administration. it's one talked about on the show ad nauseum almost by is do you pull out entirely in how much is too long? how many forces is too little forces. 7,000 strikes me as inefficient if there were to be a collapse and the country would be overrun. at the same time, there is very little to no political extension for even this. so the administration is trying to thread a needle here figuring out what can be sufficient to stop re-emerging threats and a lengthy deployment. >> doing the math on these, october of 2001, we went into afghanistan. now, we're looking at 2024. a quarter of a century almost. you talk about vietnam the length of that war. a helicopter leaves in 1975. that's ten years. the length of the war and something for put president to think about. there is no s
. >> we'll put that aside. >> a new cnn research opinion poll shows trouble for president obama. on a number of issues the president is under water. >> you're doing a great job. >> 53% say the president is not honest and trustworthy. that's a 24-point swing from may. 53% say he's untrustworthy. 60% say he doesn't know how to manage the government effectively. that's a 25-point net swing from a few months ago. being strong and decisive, 26% say president obama has those characteristics. 56% say he doesn't inspire confidence. but it's not all doom and gloom. i'm bored. >> do we want to do hecklers? we've done it 50 million times. rehashed and contrived. do you want to do hecklers on immigration reform? >> no. why should we. i do want to talk about these numbers. people, julie, get upset when you say, you know, compare where the president is now where george w. bush is with katrina because they are not intelligent. they think you are trying to compare hurricane katrina and that shameful response on all levels of government with president obama stumbling on obama care. no. we're jus
this from someone very close to president obama. this is more of the dividing up by demographic, by the obama administration and micro targeting policies and messages. there's another side to his comments. there's a belief among many people in my party this is how the obama administration divided the electorate to win successfully two times. there's also a feeling to be a little critical of someone i know who has a lot of respect from both sides of the aisle but there's a sense among the republicans this is how the obama administration governs. this is how they talk behind closed doors. >> the republicans didn't do that? >> the republicans were not talking about white moms. president obama's secretary of education was. >> by the way he'll be with us on "morning joe" on thursday. >> come in, nicole talk to him. coming up on "morning joe," congressman jim clyburn joins. chuck todd. michael haney as well here with "gq" men's year of the issue. up next top stories on the political playbook. bill karins has a look at the weather. >> do you see these bird's eye pictures from washingto
of cash. >> unbelievable. >>> we are going to move on now to president obama. this is obviously, i think, probably what should have gone first, but i was happy to do the toronto mayor. this is rough. president obama says he is sorry for promising americans if they like their insurance plan, they would be able to keep their coverage under the affordable care act. he sat down yesterday with nbcs chuck todd. >> i meant what i said and we worked hard to try to make sure we implemented it properly. obviously, we didn't do a good enough job and i regret that. >> do you feel like you owe them an apology? they feel misled. you have seen the anger out there. >> i regret, very much, that what we intended to do, which was to make sure that everybody is moving into better plans because they want them, as opposed to because they are forced into it, that, you know, we weren't as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place. even though it's a small percentage of folks who are disadvantaged, it mean as lot to them and is scary to them. i am sorry that they, you know, are find
enrolled in obama care and for the white house the numbers are terrible. the "wall street journal" reports that so far around 50,000 people have signed up for private coverage or medicaid through the government website and in oregon one of the states running their own exchanges not a single person has enrolled. obama administration officials were hoping to sign up at least 500,000 people in the move october. and additional reports say the white house is hoping to boost coverage by looking at individuals who signed up but have not sent in their first payment. tissues with have prevented tens of thousands love income americans from successfully signing up for medicaid. there are some states that are not allowing that. later today the websites chief digital architect will tell congressional leaders he had no idea initial tests of the website had security flaws that could lead to identity theft. >> ron, you've been covering this up close. it's staggering whether you talk about possibility of identity theft. it doesn't matter what part of it is, it's been botched. there will be
. >> and the children's place. and immigration as well. we'll start, though, with iran. the fallout to president obama's historic nuclear agreement with iran from over the weekend has been practically instantaneous. bloomberg's al hunt calls the plan imperfect, but perhaps the united states' least bad option. "the wall street journal" was clear. calling it a triumph for iran. late saturday president obama announced an interim deal with tehran. the product of months of secret meetings. the plan requires that iran phase out its high grade uranium. the country cannot increase lower grade uranium stockpile or add more centrifuges. and it must submit to daily inspections. in return, iran would get modest relief from crippling u.s. sanctions. >> these are substantial limitations which will help prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon. simply put, they cut off iran's most likely paths to a bomb. the broader architecture of sanctions will remain in place and we will continue to enforce them vigorously. and if iran does not fully meet its commitments during this six month phase, we will turn off the relief
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)